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We help identify your go to market strategy, to gain visibility amongst competitors in the marketplace, and produce tangible and monetary results.


We identify and enhance your value proposition, making it easily understandable and attractive to your targeted audience.


Our goal is to strategically identify who your perfect audience, and find highly convertable leads, that will result in revenue growth.

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Elevating the Security Industry Branding Standards

Our team also consists of security SMEs that understand the industry’s best practices, and know how to convert that knowledge to ‘go to market’ strategies. Our goal is to elevate the security industry branding standards and help security companies and professionals put their best foot forward, expand their client reach, and increase revenue.

We understand the distinctive characteristics of your marketplace and culture.

Specialists in physical security, guard management, IT, emergency management, and more!


What people say about Evolutz

We value what our customers and colleagues experience is – we are here to deliver excellence!

Matthew Bull

“Thanks to her innovative thinking and boundless enthusiasm, Suzanna is rightly positioned as a true thought leader in regards to branding. Her fantastic work ethic will mean that any company that engages Evolutz will receive nothing but first class service & results”

Matthew Bull

Editor at International Security Journal

Julie Alsayed

“We hired Evolutz when we began developing our branding strategy. They were a game-changer for us. The team continuously came up with improvements that have effectively pushed our company forward. I strongly recommend working with Evolutz, they are well priced, and are very motivated to produce results for your business”

Julie A.

Founder, The Bond Company

Dan Kaye

“I have had the privilege of working with Suzanna for over a year now. Her business acumen, time management skills resulted in projects being completed on time and exceeding my expectations. Suzanna has what I refer to as the “it factor”, sophisticated social skills combined with high intelligence. I have every confidence that whatever challenge that one brings to Suzanna and her Evolutz team will be on time, of high quality and will help increase productivity and profits”

Dan Kaye

President and Co Owner PAN - X Corp.

Daniel Eborall

“Evolutz has assisted IREX.ai in various ways which are unparalleled in the security industry. We are growing at a rapid pace worldwide with Evolutz, as well as Suzanna’s leadership playing a crucial role in that”

Daniel Eborall

Director of Sales, IREX.ai

Delphine Honore

“As a Realtor, we work in a competitive market, we always have to stand out. Evolutz was brought on to evaluate our branding and propose new strategies. We are excited to grow with Suzanna and her team!”

Delphine Honore

Realtor, Royal Lepage Your Community Realty

Antoinette King

“I have had the opportunity to collaborate with Evolutz on several projects. Suzanna Alsayed’s vision and professionalism shines through in everything she does. Co-creating with Evolutz is always exciting and cutting edge”

Antoinette King

Credo Cyber Consulting

Mark Folmer

“Suzanna is a breath of fresh air, actually a gale force wind, that the security industry desperately needs, and any industry can profit from. She is a creative forward-thinking professional that is an asset to her colleagues and clients. Her ability to rally people towards a common goal are second to none. Evolutz is already a game changer, over the last few years I had the chance to collaborate with Suzanna on a variety of projects and I have always left said collabs better than when I went in”

Mark Folmer

Vice President, Robotics Assistance Devices

Alain Normand

“Suzanna is the greatest example of a modern leader I know. She has talent and skills in abundance and a drive to make things work which is fast becoming a model for many. She has become an expert in security and emergency management but most importantly she has taught us how to use modern communication systems in emergency management. Her use of social media to advance the industry, spur on her peers, and her business is remarkable and forward thinking”

Alain Normand

Professor, York University

Brine Hamilton

“Evolutz is a company to watch. Suzanna is a former colleague of mine who has demonstrated an exceptional work ethic and has developed a reputation as a high performer who delivers quality results. Suzanna is always expanding her knowledge and anyone who works with her will benefit from her ever growing knowledge base, creativity and her contagious energy”

Brine Hamilton

System Engineer, Omnigo

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In the game of social media and online image, the objective is to make your brand and your business stand out, and build a pipeline that produces results.

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